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Office Cubicles

Product Hightlights

  • A-Grade, Herman Miller Quality Cubicles & Workstations
  • New Countertops
  • New Locking Pedestals
  • 5 Varying Panel Heights
  • 5 Varying Panel Widths
  • 4 Circuit Herman Miller Electrical
  • Locking Overhead Storage
  • 5" Raceway for IT Cables

Office Cubicles Boston MA - New and Used Office Cubicles

Countertop Finishes

Cubicle Fabrics

What to consider when purchasing new and used office cubicles?

Ok, the boss just walked passed your desk and said, “by the way, we signed the lease for the new office space and we will be moving in 4 weeks.  We need 50 office cubicles and I want you to find them.”  What do you do now?

Answer:  Take a deep breath…. now go find the BEST  office cubicle supplier  with a long history of integrity and highest quality products. 


Who is Boston’s BEST office cubicle supplier?


Answer:  We think we are!   Entering our 33rd year, The Office Manager Inc. continues to supply A-grade quality office cubicles with an unmatched commitment to customer service. It’s that simple….and if that is not enough…  Just ask our clients…we are pleased to provide referrals from recently completed projects..  


Now reality sets in….


What cubicles should I buy?   How do I know what will fit?  Are there different height partitions?  What about colors for the cubicles?  How do they get installed?  Is there electrical and data issues? Can I get more cubicles if  we expand next year?   How much do office cubicles cost?  Where area does your cubicle supplier service?

Answer:  what cubicles should you buy?
 This is easy…15 years ago, The Office Manager Inc.standardized on the herman miller A02 series office cubicle system.  Superior construction, durablility, functionality, ease of installation and  electrical and data highlights were what sold us!

Answer:  How do I know what will fit?  We’ll show you !  We will consult you at your facility and conduct  field measurements for all related areas of your office cubicle project. Staff at The Office Manger inc. is trained in GIZA, a cad family program specific for office cubicle design.  We can prepare for you a  2 and 3 dimensional floor print  showing all cubicles, walls, doors, windows, aisle space…A great tool for our customers!

Answer:  Are there different heights?
  Yes, there are in fact (5) heights of panels: 39”, 47”, 53”, 67” and 85”.  There are also 5 widths available.  Multiple-height panel cubicles are a common design, offering both privacy and a shared environment.  Glass framed panels or stacking glass units are attractive options as well.

Answer:  What about colors ?   Lets decorate !  There are over 3 dozen fabrics to choose for your new and refurbished office cubicles.  15 selections for the desktops and 5 metal paint options enable you to coordinate with any office décor.  Color exceptions occur when the office cubicles are used and sold in “as is” condition.  These are quality, attractive stations  but colors are reflective of current inventories.

Answer:  How do they get installed ?
“ Can ya give me that screwdriver?”  The Office Manager Inc. has its own, in-house crew of professional, courteous and fully insured office cubicle installers.  We own our trucks and schedule installations according to your needs.  It is worthy to note that a large percentage of office cubicle companies subcontract installations to 3rd party vendors.  We find that working directly with our clients creates much better channels of communication with more overall project efficiency.   The Office Manager Inc.  will deliver and professionally install your office cubicles.

Answer:  Are there electrical and data issues?
  There are no issues when you do business with The Office Manager Inc.   But yes, your cubicles will have data and electrical issues.  Our cubicle system has a superior 4-circuit electrical capacity with a 5” housing for all IT cabling.  Translation,  an electricians and IT cablers dream!  We will work directly with your chosen tradesmen to insure that roughing data and electrical locations are specific and to code.

Answer:  Can I get more cubicles if we expand next year?  That’s like McDonalds being out of hamburgers.  Of course we can get more for you in the future.  We are constantly adding and reconfiguring cubicles to satisfy changing needs.  Fabrics, desktop colors and paint selections are easy to match.  Matching color may not be available for occasions when the exisiting cubicles were sold in “as is” used condition.

Answer:  How much do office cubicles cost?
  Sit down before you continue to read…..ok, now that your sitting and  won’t fall over.  There is a wide range of pricing and factors that affect office cubicle pricing.  Are they used office cubicles sold in “as is” condition with no new componentry or color options?  If so, a typical 6 x 6 or 6 x 8 cubicle will sell for about $695.00 plus installation.  If you were to choose a custom fabric and paint for your partitions but incorporated used components (i.e. drawer units, countertops, electrical,  hardware), a typical 6 x 6 or 6 x 8 cubicle will sell for about $895.00 plus installation.  New office cubicles with custom fabric, paint, counters, drawer units and other hardware will cost anywhere from $950.00-1,300.00 plus installation. There are any number of factors that could either increase or decrease approximate price levels.

Answer:  Where do you service?  The Office Manager inc. provides both new and used office cubicles from Boston to Worcester, Portland Maine to New York City, all of New Hampshire, with a major presence in Manchester, Salem, Dover and Concord.  Some of our hottest territory included cities and towns such as Woburn, Burlington, Westford, Waltham, Westwood, Andover, North Andover, Tewksbury, Wakefield, Marlborough, Peabody, Gloucester, Littleton, Tyngsborough, Lowell, Billerica, North Billerica, Lexington, Boston, Cambridge, Quincy, Foxborough, Chelmsford, Nashua, Westborough….The Office Manager Inc. has completed major new, used and refurbished office cubicle installations in these cities and towns. 


Design and Layout Services

New, Used and Refurbished Office Cubicles