Office Furniture Frequently Asked Questions

What to consider when purchasing office furniture

Your inbox has an email from the HR Dept. ”We are pleased to welcome three new employees to our company.    They will be joining us in one week.  Could you please order office furniture?”  Thank you, HR. 

What do you do Now?            

Answer:  Take a deep breath …(It’s a busy day…and you didn’t need this bullcrap)…now go find the BEST office furniture supplier in the Boston area with a long history of integrity and highest quality office furniture

Who is Boston’s BEST office furniture supplier?

Answer:  We think we are!  Entering our 33rd year, The Office  Manager Inc. continues to supply A-grade, quality office furniture with an unmatched commitment to customer service.   It’s that simple…and  if that’s not enough…just ask our clients…we are pleased to provide referrals from recently completed office furniture projects.

Now you need answers…

What office furniture should I buy?   Should you get new or used office furniture?  What office furniture will fit  in your office?  Can we get different  colors?  What about delivery and installation of your office furniture?  Will we be able to purchase matching office furniture in the future?  Does our office furniture have bookcases and filing cabinets?  How much does office furniture cost?  What cities and towns does my office furniture dealer service?

Answer:  What office furniture should I buy?  That really varies with both personal taste and an overall corporate décor.  With that “mumbo  jumbo” said,  we believe our office desks and matching componentry, is the best choice for office furniture value for the Boston area.  Browse our website or come and visit our showroom today.

Answer:  Should you buy new or used office furniture?  If you have the time and patience to surf the net, scan through JPEG photos of used office furniture, attempt to interpret someone else’s description of “great condition”, leave voicemails that may or may not be returned,  manage to find the EXACT pieces you need, in the condition that you desire, from a reputable company, selecting  used office furniture may prove to be a wise investment.  Here’s the dilemma; pricing on new office furniture has dropped dramatically over the past 10 years;  it has never been cheaper to purchase new office furniture. 

Answer: What office furniture will fit in your office?  Our professionals will field measure your office and prepare a detailed, 2 and 3 dimensional blueprint  for your office furniture and cubicles.  We may even put smiley faces on the blueprints.

Answer:  Can we get different colors?  Maybe Henry Ford said “only in black” but not us at The Office Manager Inc.  Office furniture, including desks, credenzas, bookcases and filing cabinets are all heavily stocked in cherry, maple and mahogany and espresso. 

Answer:  What about delivery and installation of your office furniture?  The Office Manager Inc. staffs a team of  experienced and fully insured office furniture installers.  We deliver, assemble and warranty every office furniture item we sell.

Answer:  Will we be able to purchase matching office furniture in the future?  Of course you can.  What we sell today…we can match tomorrow;  a  compelling reason why most our clients  opt to purchase new office furniture as opposed to used office furniture.  Beware that used office furniture is only available in the “as-is”, “where is” condition.  What if you purchased used, cherry office furniture and six months later your company hires a new employee and the only office furniture available now is walnut?  YUK!

Answer:  Does our office furniture have bookcases and filing cabinets?   Where is the guy who said “we will be a paperless society by year 2000”? ….Don’t take a stock tip from him.  Yes, we have dozens of storage and filing options for today’s office. 

Answer:  How much does office furniture cost?  Our industry has some folks who are known to be “cagey” and “elusive” when it comes to disclosing  pricing.  They will attempt to pry information from you such as;   what are your other quotes so far?  Unprofessional sales techniques such as “Shop us last and then we’ll make a deal”  Doesn’t make sense to us!   We proudly disclose our pricing with easy navigation and size options.   Please note that deeper discounts may be available for larger projects.

Answer:  What cities and towns does my office furniture supplier service?  You should consider choosing an office furniture company that has the flexibility to service any “field”offices that may be opened.  Some of our clients occupy   “many office locations but require only one office furniture supplier, The Office Manager Inc.”  We sell our office furniture in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine and Connecticut.  We have a major presence in the Boston area and surrounding cities such as:  Woburn, Burlington, Billerica, Andover, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Lowell, Westford, Littleton, Beverly, Tewksbury, Westborugh, Foxborough, Waltham, North Andover, North Billerica, Lexington, Manchester, Portsmouth, Nashua, Salem and Dover New Hampshire.  Portland, Maine is also a strong area for us.

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